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That's right.

The Blue Iris Journal will be reborn as a blog.

Since we seem lacking in a book review editor these days (Susan has other fires to attend to), there will be fewer reviews. Logical. I still have two reviews that have not been put up but after them that'll be it. Maybe.

I will have to change the line in the header about "reviewing fine books" -- maybe just "throwing the book" or "levying fines" -- hmm, have to think about this.

-- Phil

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Thoughts on Schiavo Case

Another open thread:

Just a thought, but wouldn't it be neat if Republicans in Washington cared about the rest of us Americans as much as they do fetuses, the rich and Terri Schiavo? They could start with blacks, gays, women, Latinos, people with disabilities, the elderly - I'm not picky, just pick one. But why do you have to be unborn, brain dead or filthy rich for a Republican to want to lift a finger to help you?

-- Phil

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